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The moving trailer loaders were all Russian speaking.   They were immigrant from Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakstan and Georgia.  Fortunately they also knew English well.  You could tell they worked as a team, and each had his speciality.  One guy was the guy who arranged everything in the trailer; packing it just so it made most efficient use of the space, and securing the load at various intervals.  Every piece of furniture was wrapped in a “blanket”.  I and my friends had wondered about the blanket and belts and how were they to get them returned?   I gues these are the disposable versions of the textile blankets used by local moving companies.  Happily, I had much bubble wrap on hand.

They were initially dismayed by my very large, multi piece armoire of not quite ancient age.  But once I helped through the initial dismantling, it went smoothly, if slowly.  The armoire is three pieces held together with pins in the base and top pieces.   Simple really.  I had not known this until the movers two times past demonstrated it.   Susan arrived at around 7 pm  and helped me eat the too much Chinese food I had delivered.  She stayed until the bitter end, poor girl.  At last by a little after 9 pm everything was loaded, and I was exhausted.  Fell into bed at Jeanne’s.

Lovely Jeanne answered my distress call when I was informed I could not leave my sheets and pillow in the armoire.  She arrived quickly with two large boxes, and the bedding got onto the truck.  I cannot imagine how I would have made this happen without such wonderful friends.  Deb P arrived at noon on moving day with lunch for Jeanne and myself, and we had a leisurely lunch waiting for the movers.  Deb cleaned up the yard, as I paced waiting for the movers.  But they arrived as promised.

The trailer was picked up early the next morning.  The house cleaners and junk haulers all arrived as expected, and I had time to clean the car.  Amazingly it all occurred as planned.  Everything arrived, departed on time.

So today Jeanne and I set out on our road trip complete with convertible.  We discovered that we will arrive in Nashville during the CMA festival.  It may be a madhouse, but probably the only time I will have this experience.  Not quite the same as Grant and Noel’s moving trip across the grand country of Utah, Colorado; but a novel experience.