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June 6 2016

Five of us worked on packing the past two days.  My friends Susan and Jeanne and two lovely people I hired.  Michael turned me on to the packing people who were expert.  I stated with over 70 boxes, including a flat screen TV box, a dozen picture boxes, 6 rolls of tape, 10 lbs of newsprint, and 150 ft of bubble wrap.  I was amazed when one of us had to make three trips to get more tape, more bubble wrap, more boxes.  The house is full of boxes.  I keep reaching for things that are now in boxes, for instance just now I reached for the phone only to remember all I have now is my cell phone.  I usually make calls out on the land line, so I still reach for that phone.  Not there.  There are still a few things to pack.; a picture that is too long for even the largest box, a few things in the yard and shed.  So I will need to get yet a few more boxes as we used evey single one.And I need to tape the lids of the plastic boxes, so they are secure.

Yesterday, during packing, the bathroom sink stopper became separated from the bar that moves it and is permanently in the closed position.  So I had to call the plumber who will come tomorrow when the movers are here.  And the water delivery has to be picked up for the final time tomorrow as well.  I did remember to get the parking permit from the district for the truck.  But I have to go to a police station to print out the signs.  You can get the permit on line, but you still need the signs.  I also have two final dr.s appointments today and need to drop off things at Wider Circle and the library.

Last night my neighbors cooked dinner for me.  What a pleasure and relief that was.  I was dog tired. And of course every thing was packed.  Good company good food.  So many friends have gifted me with their time, energy, food and loving thoughtful gifts and gestures.  I am truly blessed.  I was  moved to tears on the drive to the farethewell party, I was so grateful.  Thankfully there were no tears at the gathering.  A wonderful gathering engineered by Jeanne with the help of Linda B. and Deb P.

Tonight will be my last night in this house.  I’ll miss waking up in my bedroom.  And last night with the boxes all packed, I began to feel the loss of my friends in DC.  Had been too worried about the packing to think much on what I am leaving behind.  I was not aware that there were so many specialty boxes available these days.  I can’t remember using them in the past.  Does that mean one doesn’t really need them?  are just an expensive convenience?  I can’t remember how I moved the TV and art last time.  I suspect In my car.  I know I used normal boxes and newsprint for the dishes and glasses.

The house should be empty by tomorrow night.  Though it may be a long day getting the truck packed.  Though the end is near, there is still much to do and much that can go wrong.  I know I sound pessimistic, but I am afraid to hope it will be a trouble free move.  As I half way expected, I got a message telling  me the movers were to arrive at the wrong time, even though I had confirmed the time on Friday.  I was able to staighten it out, fingers crossed.

Jeanne and I are planning a little tour of some highlights of the southeast on our way to Columbia MO.  Nashville, Little Rock (Clinton Library), and the Ozarks.  We have the time, and most drives will be 5 hours or less.




  1. Most dear Suzanne! So glad the packers worked out. They ARE great. I can’t believe you are 1500 miles away, or thereabouts. Having shared clinical, culinary, spiritual and arts adventures for the past twenty plus years it all seems to have gone by in a blur. The offer still stands for a place to crash in Potomac when the need arises. Much love from both of us.

    • sjgriffin

      June 8, 2016 at 6:51 pm

      Thank you. I t has been a great 20 +years, and I hope you will visit. I plan to be in DC in Mid august to see dr.s Hope to see you then. Keep in touch

  2. Sounds to familiar to me! Glad you’re keeping a record with this blog but I’ll be curious if you actually reread it…let me know, please, cause maybe this is something fun for all to do!
    Happy movers day today :))

    • sjgriffin

      June 8, 2016 at 6:52 pm

      I t was a long day yesterday. The movers finished around 9:00 and I got to Jeanne’s around 10:00 totally wiped out. But all went as planned. Amazing, that.

    • sjgriffin

      June 10, 2016 at 6:38 pm

      Check it out… I. Learned how to put in. Pictures.

    • sjgriffin

      June 26, 2016 at 8:38 pm

      Still blogging, and. Yes. I have retread and added pics… Hope you will visit. Columbia is not so far out of the way on your truck from Michigan to Pa.

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