It’s so easy to lose track of days when you are retired and may not need to know the date for more than a day.  Yes I know it’s available on my phone, all receipts, and on and on.  But who looks at that?  I did my final pollworker training yesterday.  They are using a new ipad system.  It is really sweet.   It worked well in the training.  The county clark is an awesome country woman who knows her stuff and has made design changes in the ipad functions to fit the county system.

Caitlin had another horseback class yesterday.  This time I put a helmet on her head that I thought would fit better than the one she previously used.  She made it clear, without a tantrum, that she wanted it off.  I took if off, she put it in the bin, went to another bin, retrieve the helmet she had worn, and put it on her head.  I secured it, and she was content.  She loves the trotting!

Afterwards i had dinner with Noel and Grant.  I brought salad and zuchini fritters.  They made Salmon on cedar plank.  The salmon was perfect; and melted like butter in the mouth.  The salad was great and there was none left over.  The fritters were not bad, but not as good as previously.  Too much chili flakes, and not enough flour/cornstarch.  Or maybe I did not squeeze out enough water from the zuchini.  Haven’t yet got my cooking mojo back.  But I will.

This morning I biked 5 miles on the MKT trail; which links Columbia to the statewide Katy trail along the Missouri River.  Following that I had bruch with Kathleen Knepper who was in town for a visit.  For those who don’t know her, she is a DC friend who moved to DC from Columbia MO to help care for her grandkids.  In our conversation, it transpired that she was old friends with my next door neighbor.  The neighbor of the fallen tree branch.  After several hours chatting, I took her to see my house and we stopped by my neighbor Jim’s house.  He was not home, so Kathleen left a note.  Then we went to visit a friend of hers in the next neighborhood to mine.  Her friend Kakie was a trip.  Quite a dynamic 80 something.  She asked if I was interested in book group.  Turns out her book group is the same one my new friend Cheryl belongs to, and Cheryl raised the question of a new member(me).  Kakie asked if the new member’s name was Suzanne, and Cheryl said how did you know?.  The group agreed to a new member, so now I have a new book group of fabulous ladies.

I plan to ask my neighbor Jim, and my neighbor Pam to wine and cheese at my house.  They seem like people I would like to know better.   So goes the settling in process.  I think I will try biscuits today.