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July 11


I know it has been a long time since a post.

This is a pic of Caitlin on her horse Yogi.She has come to enjoy the therapeutic horseback.

I am now settled in enough that I can get to the things I enjoy.   I  have found  some good music, interesting art, and good food.  Most of the good food has been cooked at my home.  But My 65th birthday was at a restaurant that had great food and good craft beer.  Susan was visiting and we had a great time.   We met friends of Noel there, who appeared in the local paper two days later.  They are a family of whom the wife/mother runs an art gallery and the husband works with Grant in big data.  Madeleine the mom and her daughter Annelise were featured in the paper as they colored in the outlines of the mural Madeliene designed on a trail tunnel.  Trails are big here.   There are a lot of trails.  And Susan and I discovered that the Missouri River has several conservation areas within 10 minutes of my house.  And there are trails there.  ,  and an enormous variety of wildlife.   Am looking forward  to the fall migrations .    

The night sky is so much more available here.  We are watching the several planets and the moon with great interest in the telescope.

My neighbor came over today to give me the Osher catalogue. I learned he is 90 yo.  And he looks great.    This week I received my Medicare letter, because Of course I am now 65.  Thank you all for the kind birthday messages.

Susan and I cooked dinner for the family onSat .  It was a great dinner and we stayed up too late.  It was Noel who suggested the dinner and it was a great family experience.  I am so enjoying having the entire family at my house.  So much fun.  And such fun cookin with Susan.

Sunday before Susan left, we put my new bed together.  It was quite a puzzle, but we got it done.  And I love it.  More settling in.  Maybe the final settling in is finding an adequate hairdresser.  I think I found him. Sorry if isn’t a woman.  He was amazing with the curls.  ,,and I have never had such fabulous curls.  I reserve judgement on the color unil the next hair wash.   I am wearing the curls now; initially for convenience given the amount of time required for the smoothing.  I am getting used to the idea of curls.image


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  1. Love this pic! She is precious. Grands are just the very purest joy aren’t they! Happy belated 65! Love your blog and your fun stories of your new home, community and family life. Keep em coming

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