I have been feeling like a stranger in a strange english speaking land.  This week, I realized I have to discard all my expectations.  They don’t apply here.  I am continually surprised by mundane things.  The first was you are expected to supply your own washer and dryer, whether renting or buying.  More recently I was surprised to learn that a popular pub is housed in the best organic grocery store.  Good food and rotating craft beers on draft.  with an indoor and outdoor seating area.  Noel and Grant like to go on Tuesdays as they have $3.00 pints that day.

Last night I visited the indie movie house in town.  I arrived early as I expected to find a restaurant for a bite before the movie.  When I walked in, to buy a ticket before they were all gone; (it was Saturday night) I was confronted with a full bar, and a bakery serving soup, salad, sandwiches, quesadilas, pizza and quiche.  The box office was hidden behind these.  There was also an outdoor patio, as well as the indoor, light filled eating/drinking area.  So I had my craft beer and soup and sandwich, (delicious) and found a seat in the theater.  I was again surprised to find the seats in the theater all had a flip up top like college desks had in my day.  People were bringing their beer, wine and food into the theater and chowing in the theater whilst watching the movie.  Oh yeah, they also had popcorn.  People drifted in 10 minutes after the posted start time for the movie.  I am beginning to think the midwest is a much more relaxed and welcoming place than I expected. So I just need to check all that at the door.  And proceed with an open mind and heart.

I need to adjust my time expectations.  Today I joined a very refreshing meditation around a woodland fire circle (no fire) behind the UU church.  It was so nourishing to be in that peaceful state in a woodland on  a summer day.