How the time flies.  I’ve been thinking that a lot lately.  Just today I heard Krista Tippett refer to the shooting in Ferguson three years ago.  I could not believe it was three years ago.  I looked it up and sure enough it was summer 2014.

Is my sense of time warped because I turned 65?  Am I disoriented because I moved states?  Yes to that, but does it account for this misperception of time?  I was surprised to see I had not written in 10 days.  It’s not that I’m “busy” in the way I have been.  Perhaps I am “busy” in new ways.  As I said, I spend time watching the birds.  I spend time exercising almost every day.  I spend time with my family much more than I could previously.  I wonder what else I am doing with my time.  Surely I am not the efficient accomplisher I was as a mother, or as a semiretired student.  So I wonder if efficiency is so important.  In some places it is important.  In my “real life” efficiency is a barrier to creativity and contemplation.  I’d like to reawaken my creativity.

I spent most of this week with Susan in Water Mill on far Long Island.  It was beautiful and relaxing.  We went to the beaches, to Long House Gardens.  We cooked and swam, and generally lazed around the pool. I probably would not have done that if I were working.  Still don’t miss work.  I miss my DC friends though, and am looking forward to seeing them early September.