My bird feeder is on the deck just outside the kitchen window.  I am enjoying a close up view of the birds.  So many different birds.  The sparrows I have learned to tell apart.  I have seen house sparrow, field sparrow, lark sparrow, chipping sparrow.  A brillant red summer tanager, a goldfinch and an eastern bluebird among others.  There are now  seventeen different birds in my list.  I am fascinated with watching them, now that I can tell them apart.  I recommend the Cornell Univ. app called Merlin.  So easy to use.

Sometimes there are a dozen birds at the feeder.  They seem to take turns, so everybody gets a bit.  Sometimes there is a little jostlingfor space, but more often it seems to have an orderly rhythm.  one could wish we humans could follow their example.  Realizing there is enough to go around if we share.  Ocassionally the grackle or bluejay will muscle in, and all the others scatter.  But not for long.  The blujay or grackle get his fill and the rest move in again.  So much more sane than the human world we are experiencing today.  Imagine if the Israelis and Palestinians behaved like the birds.  Or even our presidential candidates.  Imagine that.  Makes me wonder if we humans might be an affront to nature.  I know nature is going to strike back in it’s own time.  Wonder if the humans will wake up in time?

My neighbor has a shaded bird bath just outside her window, and the birds go back and forth between bath and feeder.  Makes sense in these days of heat advisory.

Today, I am piddling about the house, and I only occassionally feel a tiny bit of guilt about my indolence.  When I think about it, I am actually accomplishing things, but expending so little effort that It feels like indolence.  Then again maybe indolence is a healthy thing that I and others have been unnecessarily depriving ourselves of.  I mean real indolence.  Sitting on the couch watching the birds, cleaning a bit between couch sittings.  It’s very zen, taking time to experience the moment.  Those cleaning spurts are prompted by some disarray I see from my couch;  sounds a bit like monkey thoughts to me.  I probably ned more practice at this indolence thing.

Last Friday Noel called to ask if I would pick Caitlin up at school, so she and Grant could go out with friends/colleagues.  She said Grant was thinking it would be an imposition, but she told him “That’s what she’s here for. ” For me it is a pleasure to get to know Caitlin.  I enjoy one on one time with her.  Far from an impostion, it is a treasured pleasure.  Many have commented that being here is a sacrifice, but I consider myself blessed to be invited.  After all I am the mother-in-law.  I am honored that they are willing to leave her in my care.  It’s a win win situation.  They get a break, and I get time with Caitlin.

I feel Caitlin’s frustration.  She struggles so with speech.  but she clearly understands and we are constantly amazed at the words she knows. ex: igloo.  She still finds it hard to put it all together into sentences, but happily joins in the play of naming things.  She has learned to say “Want_______”( e.g. milk, snack, water, help).  I am tempted to think she is so reluctant to part with her shoes (she sleeps in them) because she knows there is a tag on them identifying her and her parents; should she get lost.  That’s maybe giving her too much credit.  But I wonder.