Last Tuesday I went to meditation at the Show Me Dharma.  I enjoyed the meditation and the talk.  The talk was about the experience of meditation.  Of meeting all yourselves and your fears in meditation, and owning them with compassion for your suffering.  How transforming acknowledging your feelings about failures shortcomings as well as triumphs is liberating.  I could identify directly with this content from my  thoughts of the previous day on fear and judging.  I plan to sign up for a “committed” class, interpreting committed as having been participating in one of many ways for over a decade.  Actually, now I think about it, must be more than 15 years.  It’s a meditation followed by discussion with a book assignment.  While meditating at the dharmaI was able to , access a real feeling of peace.  Not happiness or delight, but peace.  It was very restful.  I can’t say I have practiced every day, but several days since then. Sunday I will meditate with the Unitarian Church group as I have been doing, and Tuesday I will meditate with another group.  It was one of the members of the Unitarian meditators, who spurred me to find other meditation groups.  He asked if I had meditated with other groups in town.  I said I had looked them up, but not attended.  He said he hadn’t either. And I said Ok now you have given me the motivation to do that this week, and I will let you know.  We help each other even when that is not our intention.

Last night I took Nate to a nearby historic town on the Big Muddy, as the Missouri River is called.  We had dinner at a much acclaimed restaurant there.  A wonderful culinary experience, in what feels and looks like a country store.  There are about six tables, a daily menu based on available local organic ingredients.  I had mushroom and cheese tortellini with tomatoes and squash and Nate had beef of course.  We had a baked Brie with pears appetizer.  It was all spectacular.  And a nice couple of hours with Nate.  I suggested he check out the restaurants he has been offered a job at on the weekend, now that the students are back, to get a feel of how much he can make, and how well it runs.  He and Noel are going tonight, and I will keep Caitlin  :-).  Grant is driving a truck back from Hilton Head with furniture given them by his mother who is downsizing.

I met a neighbor who seems in her fifties, and is divorced.  She is energetic and works at the Univ. as academic advisor for the business school.  We are going walking Sunday evening.  She will be away this weekend attending a power lifting competition.  While she is in good shape, I would not have picked her as a weight trainer.  I look forward to learning more about that.

I have noticed that the professional population is relatively fit and not obese.  The nonprofessional population is noticeably obese.  That includes the nurses and techs and other professional supports.  So I see the need the Urban Agricluture Center serves, in getting people to grow food, be aware of what they eat, and understand nutritional importance in a more personal way.  An uphill battle here.  At the major intersection near my house, there are no less than 6 fast food places.  And this is an upscale well educated neighborhood.

I had Nate come to finish setting up my wireless printer connection to my laptop, as I had hit a roadblock.  Turns out I had set it up correctly, but failed to select the correct printer from the printer menu on the laptop.  DUH.  I can’t believe I missed that little detail.  He came a hour before we needed to leave for dinner, so I had a half hour to just sit and chat with him.  That was nice as he was relaxed and upbeat about his job prospects, though paying the next month’s rent is going to be tight.  No, Noel and I are not going to rescue him.  But Noel and Grant are going to pay him for helping unload the stuff from the truck Grant is driving back from Hilton Head.  Nate feels bad about that, since Grant helped him unload when he arrived here, but he is not in a position to refuse.