As I thought about my anxiety over the first day of urban farming, I asked myself “what happened to your enjoyment of novelty?”

I reminded myself to view this and other new experiences as novelty; exploration. To stop focusing on judgement.  Others judgement of me; my judgement of others.  Yes I was stupid and clumsy at the farm.  But I found I enjoyed harvesting the cucumbers and Gida beans.  That was a discovery for me.  Gida beans are said to be tender and delicious.  They are very long slender beans that look like long green strings hanging from the vines.  I am going to learn so much about gardening.  That excites me.  And I enjoyed learning about organic farming.  I learned about  diatomaceous earth as a defense against insects that were destroying the greens.  I learned there is a different crop problem every year.  I learned a little about the americorps from another volunteer.  That sounded like a good idea for Nate.

Farm work is hard.  It is back aching work.  I found I was more comfortable sitting in the earth for the harvesting.   And I am barely strong enough to carry 25lbs of cucumbers uphill a hundred feet.  The sweat was pouring off me and into my eyes, even though it was a very mild day; high in the seventies.  That is how I got my exercise yesterday.  The day was a wake up call to get more physically fit.  And I found challenging myself to be rewarding.  Next Monday I will take pictures.

Today I did go to Zumba at 8 am.  It was fun and I got a great work out.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll do yoga.  I still miss having good friends, but I am enjoying getting involved in new things.