When I was working and craved an indolent day, it was so delightful.  Now I am not working and indolence has lost some attraction.  Then again I am having a hard time motivating myself.  I frequently advised patients to add structure to theI day without over scheduling.  Now I must follow my own advice.

Today is my first day volunteering at the urban farm.  Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture.  I am both looking forward to this, and anxious about it.  This being one of so many new unpredictable situations for me lately.  Last week I found myself at a birthday luncheon with the uppity women, only one, the birthday celebrant, did I know even slightly.  The group was described as a great group of women having such a good time, they do it every month.  While the women were spunky, and funny and friendly; they were all much older than I.  Maybe the problem was they behaved old.  I know many women much older than I in DC whom I enjoy.  Many of this group were entering their 80’s, and their hiking biking days are over.

Entering so many new unpredictable situations is taxing.  I enjoyed the Green Sanctuary meeting, and the book club last week.  I feel pretty sure that several of those people will become friends.  And the meditation group at Unitarian church.  I believe I may be one of the older people at the urban farm.  I am glad I do have so much time and flexibility in order to meet people and become involved.

I had the family over to dinner last Friday.  That was enjoyable.  They stayed until quite late, seeming to enjoy themselves.  I realized I did not have enough toys for Caitlin, when we had to resort to TV after dinner.  So I ordered some puzzles and books yesterday.  Grand mothering is also a new and as yet not entirely predictable activity.  Though one I thoroughly enjoy.

While I am keeping to my intention to exercise three to four times a week, including some strength training, I have not yet participated in a class.  I think I will make that a priority for tomorrow.